Amanda Falzone


I was once a college graduate with illusions of making $60K right out of the gate, being able to move up in a company I loved, and be able to afford the life I’ve always wanted.

In reality, I was making $700/month, lived in the basement of my elderly grandmother’s house, and used the change I found under couch cushions to pay for my bar tab. I was lost, depressed, and had no idea life after under grad would be like this.

It took a lot of mentoring, interviewing, and failed attempts at jobs to help me find my passion in life- to help others find a career and a passion in life. With a strong recruiting and employment background, I specialize in resume writing, interviewing, career advisement and public speaking.

At YHR, my vision is to help the good people of Rochester find their passion. It’s time for you to get out of the job you hate going to, and into a career where you can grow. I’d be happy to lead you on that journey.

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