I was extremely nervous to submit my resume for a dream position that I was applying for. We reviewed my resume and she made some changes to better showcase who I was as both an employee and a person. I felt much more confident submitting my resume as it looked and read much more professionally. I submitted it and 3 days later... Voila! I was invited to complete an online video interview. The ball is in my court now but without her help I highly doubt I would’ve gotten a foot in the door and an opportunity to interview. If you’re going after the job you want, let her help you. It’s your future and you need every advantage you can have and Amanda assures you stand out from the crowd. Thanks Amanda!
— Robert T.

Happy Clients


I highly recommend Amanda for all career discussions, including resume preparation. Amanda has been a valuable resource for me for many years. I'm extremely excited that she'll be helping others the same way she helped me. Take advantage of her expertise, you won't be sorry. She truly understands the job market and what employers are looking for.

— John S.

Amanda gave me advice from start to finish. She helped me to perfect my resume and gave me the tools to be successful throughout many different interviews in multiple fields. When I got to the point of making a decision she helped me to weigh the pros and cons and pointed me in the direction I truly needed. I can not thank Amanda enough, and look forward to starting my new career on the 25th! I highly recommend AMANDA AND YOU'RE HIRED ROCHESTER! — Al D.